Toddler Good Reads

Underground book cover

Denise Fleming

Join Caldecott Honor medalist Denise Fleming as she takes your toddler underground to explore all the things that creep and crawl beneath!
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The Nonsense Show book cover

The Nonsense Show
Eric Carle

Nonsense and surrealism ignite the spark of creativity in your little one. Watch as ducks grow out of bananas and mice catch cats! This is one of Time Magazine’s Top 10 Children’s Books of 2015.
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Toddler World book cover

Toddler World
Katie Saunders

Have your toddler lift the flap and make discoveries: Who really is in the garden? What’s for lunch? Does that animal really make that sound?
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Baby's First 123 book cover

Baby's First 123
Sally Beets

Help your toddler learn to count with fun everyday objects.
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Dinosaurs book cover

Jill McDonald

Toddler will learn very simple facts about a variety of DINOSAURS!
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Box: What Would You do With a Box? book cover

Box: What Would You Do With a Box?
Min Flyte

Four toddlers find toys in some cardboard boxes. Once they tire of the toys, they discover all the cool things that can be done with the boxes themselves!
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Hooray for Fish book cover

Hooray for Fish
Lucy Cousins

Little Fish has all sorts of friends in his underwater home; but loves one the best.
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Dinosaur Parade book cover

Dinosaur Parade
Shari Halpern

Join a dinosaur parade and learn all about these fascinating creatures!
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Puppy Truck book cover

Puppy Truck
Brian Pinkney

Carter wants a puppy but gets a truck instead. What will he do? Your toddler will love this silly tale!
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An ABC of Flowers book cover

An ABC of Flowers
Jutta Hilpuesch

Perfect for toddlers who want to learn their ABC’s while enjoying bright pictures of flowers.
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You Are Two book cover

You Are Two
Sara O'Leary

A joyous celebration of baby’s second year.
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Peekity Boo What You Can Do! book cover

Peekity Boo What You Can Do!
Heidi Roemer

Join a toddler in his bedtime routine: choosing jammies, listening to a cozy story, finding a favorite cuddle buddy and finally: snuggles!
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Row, Row, Row Your Boat book cover

Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Jane Cabrera

Sing along with your toddler in a newly imagined version of the classic song!
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