Tales of Adventure

Code Orange book cover

Code Orange
Caroline B. Cooney

While doing a school project on smallpox, Mitty stumbles upon old smallpox scabs. He has already been to school for several days and begins to have strange symptoms.
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Into the Wild book cover

Into the Wild
Jon Krakauer

Based on the real-life case of Christopher McCandless, Into the Wild tells the story of a young man who walks alone into the Alaskan wilderness, never to return.
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Peak book cover

Roland Smith

When he’s caught scaling skyscrapers in New York City, Peak is sent to live with his mountain climbling father. Turns out, his dad is leading an expedition to Mount Everest and wants Peak to be the youngest climber ever to make it to the top.
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Revenge of the Whale book cover

Revenge of the Whale
Nathaniel Philbrick

The true story of a whale that turns on the people who were hunting it for oil. This story was the inspiration for Moby Dick.
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The Compound book cover

The Compound
S. A. Bodeen

Nuclear war has destroyed Eli’s world. His father, knowing that war was imminent, has built an underground compound stocked with supplies to last fifteen years. The problem is that only nine years later, some of the food has spoiled and supplies are running out.
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The Maze Runner book cover

The Maze Runner
James Dashner

When Thomas wakes up, he finds himself in the Glade with no memory of anything but his name. He quickly discovers he is not alone and none of the other Gladers know why they are there either. They just know they must be inside the walls before dark or face certain death.
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