Read to the Rhythm!

Mole Music book cover

Mole Music
David McPhail

With patience and practice, Mole learns how to play the violin. Others enjoy his music, too.
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M is for Music book cover

M is for Music
Kathleen Krull

Enjoy this eploration of the music of language. The ABCs and music tie together to create this symphonic book.
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Moses Goes to a Concert book cover

Moses Goes to a Concert
Isaac Millman

Moses and his classmates are all deaf. His teacher takes them to a concert where they find a special surprise! This lovely book shows that music really is for everyone.
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Violet's Music book cover

Violet's Music
Angela Johnson

Violet has always loved music, ever since she was in the nursery shaking her rattle. She looks everywhere for other kids who like music as much as she does. Will she find them?
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Zin! Zin! Zin! a Violin book cover

Zin! Zin! Zin! a Violin
Lloyd Moss

How many musicians does it take to make an orchestra? Three is a trio, five is a quintet - learn to count in music terms with this charming book!
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Guitar Notes book cover

Guitar Notes
Mary Amato

Tripp and Lyla are forced to share the practice room at their high school so that they can practice guitar and cello. Soon they become friends.
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The Perks of Being a Wallflower book cover

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Stephen Chbosky

Charlie shares the struggles of growing up and the excitement of discovering the world and his place in it. Sometimes the perfect song can make everything better.
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Eleanor & Park book cover

Eleanor & Park
Rainbow Rowell

First, they sit next to each other on the bus. They start sharing books and music on the bus - and then everywhere else possible. They begin to hang on to each other as they try to overcome their struggles.
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Scott Pilgrim book cover

Scott Pilgrim
Bryan Lee O'Malley

Scott is the bassist in a band. When he sees Ramona, it's love at first sight. But he'll have to fight off her seven evil exes to be with her. Will he succeed?
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