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Samuels Public Library's Volunteers play a critical role in the day to day success of the library. We could not fully function without generous individuals, young and old, willing to give their time and talents to help the library every day.

Adult Volunteers

We are always looking for dedicated people willing to perform clerical duties, shelve books, teach computer classes or help out in the Children's Department. If you have the time and the inclination, we would love to hear from you. Just complete the form linked below, or stop by and pick up a volunteer application at the Circulation Desk - the application process helps us to determine where your skills can best be used!

Please take a moment to view our Volunteer Policy, located below.

Assistance Needed

Volunteers are asked to help in a number of areas - listed below are just a few of the tasks that require the assistance of dedicated volunteers. Click on a subject to view a brief description.

  1. Shelving
  2. Processing
  3. Donations
  4. Multimedia
  5. Checking In
  6. Tidying
  7. Programs
  8. Data Entry
  9. Periodicals
  10. Bookstore
  11. Misc.
Hundreds of books are returned each day, which means there's a constant need for books to be put back on the shelves in their proper place. Shelving needs to be done in both the adult and children's sections of the library. Checking for out of order books is also important while shelving.
When we add new books to our catalog, they need to be prepared before they are put out on the shelves for patrons to check out. Volunteers are asked to help with this process by covering books and taping them in appropriate places.
Thanks to a generous community, we receive many book and media donations each day. We ask volunteers to help sort through them for book sales and items to add to the collection.
Sometimes DVDs and CDs fail to work or skip for some patrons, so volunteers may be asked to clean them using our disc cleaner. We also need people who are willing to clean the multimedia cases with alcohol.
During busy periods, sometimes we can't check things in fast enough, and that's when we need some extra help from a volunteer willing to help us go through returned items, check them in, and sort them on to carts.
To keep the library looking its best, we occasionally ask volunteers to dust off shelves and tidy up books that have been haphazardly placed.
Volunteers may be asked to help set up programs, or even assist in teaching classes for subjects in which they are proficient.
There are always email addresses that need to be entered into the computer.
Volunteers are asked to help keep magazines and newspapers organized by date and in an orderly fashion.
Volunteers are needed to staff the bookstore during its hours of operation and help with sorting and restocking the shelves as books are sold.
Be prepared for surprises! Volunteers may be asked to perform any number of tasks on an as needed basis. You can even suggest something - if you see anything you think you could assist with, feel free to ask about it!

Youth Volunteers

If you are between the ages of 12 - 18 and are interested in helping in the Youth Services department of Samuels Library, please apply online using the form linked below, or pick up an application in person. Candidates will enjoy working with children and be willing to maintain neatness in the library and do light office work. As volunteers gain experience there may be opportunities to help with programming and reference. Volunteers are an important part of our Youth Services department and are greatly appreciated.

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