Children's Garden

Norman H. & Elsie Stossel Upchurch Children's Garden

For years, we dreamed of adding a children's garden to the grounds of Samuels Public Library, and thanks to the immense generosity of local resident, Elsie Upchurch, that dream is now a reality.

Located near the East Criser Road library entrance, the outdoor space features a sensory garden, aromatherapy garden, butterfly garden and cook's garden, and serves as a source of programming to engage children in various ways and introduce them to flowers and herbs they may never have discovered before.

It is our goal to create a whimsical yet educational garden, and we hope to accomplish this with the help of our generous community. If you wish to be a part of this wonderful project, please consider contributing an item on our garden wishlist located here. Monetary donations are also welcome in helping us reach our goals. Cash, check and credit card accepted, or you may make a contribution online by clicking here. All donors will be listed on a plaque within the garden.

Garden Donors

The Norman H. and Elsie Stossel Upchurch Children’s Garden couldn't have been completed without our many supporters and volunteers. Special thanks to the following:

Mrs. Elsie Stossel Upchurch
Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Christine Andreae
Lowe’s - Front Royal
Prosperity Landscaping
Warren County
Front Royal/Warren County Tree Stewards
Billie Clifton
Front Royal-Warren County Anti-Litter Council
Front Royal Rotary Club
Dr. Charles Huber
Joyce Jenkins-Wimmer
Sandy Heier
Front Royal Presbyterian Church
Sigrid Hepp-Dax
Zachary Logan
Terri Barnikel, Kim Freeman, Joan Gardiner & Sarah Eckert
Sheila Lamonz
Dane Toler & Lee Ruddle
Vivian A. Manuel
Linda Winfree
Carolyn Hilton
Bridget Madden
Katherine Rindt
Beth Cypser
Frank Baxter & Skip Bowling
Jeff & Melody Hotek

Garden Wishlist

Note: Click thumbnail to see full-size images. Items already donated appear in red.




Donated By

Gatehouse Birdhouse
Carolyn Hilton,
in Memory of Jean B. McDonald

Flutterbye Butterfly House
Linda Winfree,
in Honor of Chloe Winfree

Copper Songbird Birdhouse
Vivian A. Manuel

Songbird Suite Birdhouse
Dane Toler & Lee Ruddle

Rusty Rooster Birdhouse
Sheila Lamonz

Songbird Station Birdhouse
Terri Barnikel, Kim Freeman,
Joan Gardiner & Sarah Eckert,
in Memory of Ann Yoka

Plant Shrubbery
We are working with the Northern Shenandoah Valley Master Gardeners to determine the appropriate shrub species.

Plant a Tree
We are working with the Northern Shenandoah Valley Master Gardeners to determine the appropriate tree species.
Front Royal Presbyterian Church,
in Honor of Dr. C. Thomas Rhyne
& Mrs. Elizabeth Rhyne

Zachary Logan, in Honor of
Dr. Frederick P. Logan, Jr.
& Andra Baldwin Logan

Giant Frog Statue
Sandy Heier, in Memory of
Gary Heier, Peggy Griffith Manuel
& R. Craig Winn

Giant Tortoise Statue
Joyce Jenkins-Wimmer

Mega Chess Set
Dr. Charles Huber

Teepee Trellis

Tuned Drums
$500 - Sigrid Hepp-Dax

Griffin Chimes

4 Benches

Pagoda Bells

Stone Seating Walls Around Labyrinth
Prosperity Landscaping

Fred & Christine Andreae

Raised Planting Beds
Lowe's - Front Royal

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