Preschool Picks


Fix-It Duck
Jez Alborough

Pig’s truck isn’t working, but never fear, Duck will fix it…or at least he will try. Somehow things never seem to work out quite the way Duck thinks they will.

My Cat, the Silliest Cat in the World
Gilles Bachelet

This strange cat with a trunk is full of mischief and is definitely the silliest cat in the world. Be sure to follow this one with When the Silliest Cat Was Small.

Mucky Pup
Ken Brown

The mucky pup loves to play with the trash, jump in the coal and rip up the cushions. When he gets sent outside, nobody wants to play. What’s a pup to do?

Pumpkin Soup
Helen Cooper

Cat, Squirrel and Duck have their routine down pat. Each has his own job when they make soup, until one day when there is a falling out and they discover the value of teamwork.

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type
Doreen Cronin

It’s bad enough that Farmer Brown’s cows love to type. He hears them all day long, clicking and clacking, but his real trouble begins when they start leaving him notes.

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me
Eric Carle

Monica wants to play with the moon and asks her dad to get it for her. Colorful fold-out pages introduce the cycles of the moon.

My Lucky Day
Keiko Kasza

When hungry Fox opens his door to see a little pig standing there, he realizes it must be his lucky day. But he may have to work harder for his dinner than he expects.

Flora's Surprise
Debi Gliori

Flora and her family enjoy tending their garden. They plant lettuce, flowers and alfalfa. Flora plants a brick which she is sure will grow into a house.

Pig & Crow
Kay Chorao

Crafty Crow trades a series of items for Pig’s baked goods. In the process, Pig learns about patience and nurturing and finds a new friend.

Zee is Not Scared
Michel Gay

Zee’s parents refuse to let him watch a scary movie. When they send him to bed, he grabs a sheet and takes matters into his own hands.

Sally Gets a Job
Stephen Huneck

Everyone in Sally’s family has a job, so she wants one, too. She just has to narrow down her many choices.

Captain Bob Sets Sail
Roni Schotter

When a mom puts her son in the tub, he becomes Captain Bob, sailing the Soapy Seas.

Not a Box
Antoinette Portis

Things may not always be what they seem. That box may be a rocket or a house or whatever Rabbit imagines.

Farmer Brown Goes Round & Round
Teri Sloat

When a whirlwind blows through, Farmer Brown and his animals get tossed around and confused. Will life on the farm ever return to normal?

Bear Snores On
Karma Wilson

First a mouse and then an assortment of woodland creatures discover bear’s cave makes a nice shelter from winter weather.

Falling for Rapunzel
Leah Wilcox

Poor Rapunzel’s tower is so tall, she can’t hear what her prince is telling her. When he asks her to throw down her silky tresses, she thinks he said, “your silky dresses.” Can her maid set things right?

A Mother for Choco
Keiko Kasza

Choco is searching for a loving parent. Believing physical similarity is needed to make a family, he asks a series of animals if they might be his mother. Choco discovers that a mom is someone who loves unconditionally.

About Birds: A Guide for Children
Cathryn Sill

A first guide to birds, written for the youngest bird watchers. Each page contains a fact about birds as well as the name of the bird shown in the watercolor illustrations. More detailed facts can be found in the Afterword.

Bring on the Birds
Susan Stockdale

Simple text and illustrations show a variety of birds and their habitats. An additional information section has enough details to answer a curious toddler’s questions.

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