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Sometimes you know what you want to read - everyone is reading it and talking about it, or it’s your book club assignment, or it’s the sequel of the last book you loved. But sometimes you want to look around and be surprised by something new.

We've added a new service to help you fill your to-read list: NoveList, an interactive database that specializes in readers’ advisory. NoveList employs 80 full-time librarians who put their own personal knowledge into book recommendations.

Sometimes, the thrill of the chase - the act of finding a book you didn’t even know existed - is the best part. We hope you’ll enjoy using this rich new resource.

So how do you use it?

Search for a book - let’s use Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - in our catalog.

1. In the list right below the book cover, locate and click on the word Related.

2. Here you will find a plethora of information, starting with a list of other books in the series (if the book you are looking up is in a series), all in series order - no more guessing which one to read next! Click on a title to locate it in our catalog so you can check it out or place a hold request.

1. Where to find 'Related' when viewing a book in the catalog

2. Example of series information

3. Scroll down a bit to find the Read-alikes section. Here you will find Similar Titles, Similar Authors, and Similar Series recommendations.

4. Click on a book cover, author name, or series title to learn what makes them so similar to the book you're looking up - you can use the arrows to navigate through each recommendation. If something piques your interest, click on the title, author name, or the blue "Find it" button to locate it in the catalog.

3. Categories in the Read-alikes section

4. Examples of suggested books, authors, and series

5. Scroll a bit more to find the Story Elements secton, including Appeal terms, Character traits, Genre, and Themes. These search terms help readers cut across genres. Romances can be just as suspenseful as thrillers; fantasy titles can be just as beautifully written as literary fiction. You may love a mystery, but not because it is a mystery; you love it because of its atmosphere and converging plot lines. Select as many of these terms as you like, and NoveList will generate recommendations that feature all of your chosen elements.

6. At the bottom of the page, you will find the Ratings & Reviews and Related Content sections. Browse reviews for the book you're currently viewing, find titles within a similar Lexile measure and Accelerated Reader level, and discover any awards the book may have won and browse through other award winners.

5. Story element searches help you customize your recommendations

6. Example of the Ratings & Reviews and Related Content sections

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