FOSL Bookstore

Calling all Friends of Samuels Public Library

Thanks to one very generous Library Donor, the Friends of Samuels Public Library have opened a used book store inside Samuels Library. Have you been down to see it yet? If not, come down and take a look. The bookstore opened May 2nd with a full assortment of books from history and romance to cookbooks and children’s books. The gently used bookstore will be run completely by the Friends. But the library is looking for volunteers. The store hours depend solely on the number of volunteers available to man the store.

Have you ever wondered what happens to those used books in good condition you give the library? If they don’t go into the library’s collection, and they don’t go into the yearly Book Sales, the best of the best books will now be going directly into the bookstore for resale. The money raised by the Friends will help support Samuels Library’s extra programs and services.

Help the Friends of Samuels Library by considering becoming a friend of Samuels Library and/or a book store volunteer. Please stop by the circulation desk at Samuels Library and fill out a volunteer application, or click here to fill out an online application, if you are willing to be part of this volunteer group that helps to keep the bookstore open a limited amount of hours each week.