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Here's a great way to add to your music collection - for free! Samuels Public Library now offers free MP3 music file downloads on our website through Freegal Music, an online database that provides access to songs from the Sony Music Entertainment catalog.

All Samuels Library cardholders are eligible for three free MP3 downloads per week - that's 156 songs a year! A Samuels library card number is all that you need to access and download songs.

The music files are compatible with PCs, Macs, iPods, iPads and other MP3-compatible devices and do not expire. No special software is needed to use the service and there are no digital rights management restrictions.

Freegal Music contains over 500,000 songs from Sony Music artists, including current hits like Ke$ha's "TiK ToK," classics songs such as Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run," jazz standards like Dave Brubeck's "Take Five" and more.

New music is added daily, and there are thousands of artists, tens of thousands of albums, and. over 100 genres of music represented. The content is based upon a license with Sony Music Entertainment, owner of 54 music labels.

Freegal apps are now available for Apple and Android mobile devices. For Apple devices, click here to download the app from the iTunes App Store. For Android devices, click here to download the app from Google Play. For instructions on how to download and install the Freegal Music app, click here.